imagesWhatever your situation is, being able to speak in public is essential to success. Whether you are on a stage, in front of a classroom, a court or presiding a board meeting, in order to truly teach, inform, persuade, or defend, your success will depend on your conviction and confidence. Though many of us suffer from a deep fear of public speaking, all it takes is confidence that can be acquired through the right techniques, practice and deep knowledge and passion about your topic.
In this course you will learn how to prepare yourself for public speaking as well as how to organize your facts into an appealing story and how to sparingly weave your personal experience into your speech in order to endear yourself to the audience.

This course will include 5 main points as follows:

1. Facing stage fright: Pin pointing and isolating the uncomfortable areas for the client and addressing them. The easiest way to achieve a high performance as a public speaker, as in any other areas of life, is to make friends and give our inner monsters a name, a face and shape and a reason to befriend it.

2. Creating trust: Coaching strengths and values related to the content of the speech. Your speech needs to be a story with a beginning (30 seconds is the ideal pitch) a middle and a banging end (better still if the words are the same as the beginning) It needs to be a story near to your heart that people will be interested in hearing because there needs to be passion and meaning woven into it. These ingredients are directly linked to your strong points and values.

3. Your best self: Considering body language and voice intonation. Listen to your voice and how it sounds, feel where the music of the voice and the silences resonates and dance with it as you would to your favorite music. Be your authentic self and you will be authentic and credible. Find your humorous voice.

4. Becoming a performer: Practicing self confidence onstage, and conquering the audience. People are the same as everybody you know. Treat them with respect and show tou vulnerability to conquer their hearts. You know how to do that, you’ve done it a million times. Focus on your audience and share that vision you are up there to deliver.

5. Ready to shine: Rehearsing to perfection. Time wasted in traffic? In a cue at the supermarket? Not at all. Feel your self confidence bubble up while your brushing your teeth and imagining the standing ovation. Trust yourself and so will your audience.


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