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Managing emotions is an illusion.


instead, you can create and transmit emotions as a way to increase freedom.

Emotions are fuel used by human beings to make decisions and choices. But, when it comes to emotion in teams we often treat them as a byproduct of team activity or we pay attention to them only when it seems that any other “rational approach” fails (usually in conflicts). Only at that point we start talking about “managing” emotions. This session propose ways to use emotions effectively to fuel every moment of team activities. Forget managing and start using them. Teams are systems too complex for applying mechanistic rules but not enough complex for applying statistic approaches. This leaves team coaches with the problem of finding tools capable of navigating team performance complexities. In this session I propose that effective, consistent and pervasive use of emotions can boost  team performance and help to keep the performance at a costant level. My goal in this session is to provoke fresh thoughts about the role of emotions in team performance. We’ll see how emotions are necessary to understand any team development process model and we’ll apply them to well known team development models. We’ll experiment with a basic set of team protocols capable of activating and processing emotional information in a team.

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