Ask for help – the secret of excellence

Last week I published my first video in English, and asked the English speaking people in my contacts to give me a feedback about it. I was worried and embarassed because English is not my first language and because it was my first try.

I got a lot of comments, suggestions, encouragements and appreciations and it was awesome! πŸ™‚ People took the time to watch the video and wrote about how to perfect it and what they liked.

It feels good to be helped by others just for having asked it!

So I thought that it was appropriate to choose as the second video one about the topic: “asking for help”.

Meanwhile, I will record the “#4 bad assumption about emotions” that was missing from the video.


2 thoughts on “Ask for help – the secret of excellence

  1. What a brilliant way to put it, David: If you want to achieve excellence ask for help when you’re already satisfied!

    Thomas Leonard is one of the best examples of this: he’s remembered both as the founder of the coaching profession and as an incredibly prolific creative genius. He always said that the secret to his success was that he constantly asked the coaches he served how he could do what he did better – and they told him. As a member of his R&D Team, I can tell you, he walked his talk.

    David, I think you’ve hit on the 29th Principle of Attraction! I’ve just made a commitment to myself (now I’m making it to you) to ask for help 5 time per day, everyday.

    I’ll keep you posted ~ thanks!

  2. Thanks Julia! Hope I will walk my talks as well, not always as easy as saying it in a video πŸ™‚

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